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Articles about Sara Schroerlucke and Classical Feng Shui

Solutions At Home , April, 2008:
Getting It Streamlined Style (PDF 1.7mb)

Alexandria Times , July 20-27, 2006:
In Search of Positive Energy (PDF 985k)

Washington Times, July 5, 2006:
Wind, Water, Flow in Home (PDF 3.8mb)

Washington Woman, June 2006
Feng Shui: Putting Your Home in Balance (PDF 3.8mb)

Loudoun Magazine , March 2005
In Search of Balance (PDF 3.7mb)

Natural Awakenings Healthy Living , March 2005
Who's Who - Meet Sara Schroerlucke (PDF 609k)

Northern Virginia Daily, May 8, 2004
Perfect Balance - Achieving Harmony in Home,
Heart through Feng Shui
(PDF 763k)

Two Mundos Magazine, Vol 1 No. 2
Feng Shui Spirituality by Design (PDF 1.4mb)

Natural Awakenings, March/April 2004
Soulful Home with Feng Shui (PDF 859k)

Washington Post, April 12, 2002:
Feng Shui, "There's No Place Like Home"

Manassas Journal, July 30, 2000:
Spirituality by Design

Journal Newspaper, June 10, 2001:
Smooth Moves

Natural Awakenings, March/April 2002:
Feng Shui-Spiritually by Design (PDF 220k)

Telepathic TV, November 2001:
Festival of Lights - Feng Shui

The Federal Paper, October 7, 2002:
IRS Official, Feng Shui Expert, Says “Oval Office Has Poor "Chi”
(PDF 576K)

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