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Great Resources For Feng Shui Related Information

Master Raymond-Lo
Master Raymond-Lo's personal site includes consultation services, training services, books and products for Feng Shui.

School of Chinese Metaphysics
Master Peter Leung's School of Chinese Metaphysics offers courses in practical Feng Shui, Water Placement, and Four Pillars of Destiny. Master Leung is available for consultations, private mentoring and seminars.

Feng Shui Masters
The words: Feng Shui Masters, Inc. is a combination of a Feng Shui specialty store and a Feng Shui career-training center. Consultants are available to meet your Feng Shui needs.

School of Graceful Lifestyles™
The School of Graceful Lifestyles offers courses and services that enhance the well being of mankind through the healthy decorating designs of his environment. Understanding the dynamic relationship of the person place connection our design services and teachings promote decorating and home staging solutions that are healthy, functional, esthetically pleasing and sustainable.

Feng Shui Shopper
A personal and unusual store for exquisite Feng Shui products by a Feng Shui consultant! Enjoy the beautiful jade products and jewelry.

International Feng Shui Guild
The International Feng Shui Guild brings together and supports the International Feng Shui Community. Its purpose is to promote the use, practice, and teaching of Feng Shui.

If Not Now, When? an Introduction to Bravo Motivation
by Atul Uchil
The book you are about to read is going to take you on a wild ride, full of twists and turns, a crazy trip to Thailand, a near-death experience, and stops along the way to reflect on lessons learned about, not just finding peace of mind, but finding meaning, purpose, and an awareness of what's really important. Read more

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